10 tips to help you write your New Year’s toast

If you were brave enough to throw a New Year Eve party this year, you will be expected to give a toast in front of your team and colleagues. In other words, you will have to sound smart, witty and wise (even though you will probably already have had a glass a champagne or two)!

Here are 10 tips to help you write your toast:

1. Plan ahead.

Start by taking a pen and paper as well as a deep breath. Remember your toast doesn’t have to be too long (and really it shouldn’t)…but rather well thought and spoken. Speak clearly with no hesitation in your voice. This is the moment to remember all the things you have accomplished throughout the year and keep your troupes motivated for the one to come.

2. The host should be the first to deliver his toast (but circumstances can vary).

Although you may not be the actual host, you could have be invited to make a toast as a guest of honour. A good host should give you appropriate time to work on your speech. Remember to thank him for the honour he is giving you, and be as positive as possible.

3. Make sure that everyone’s glass is full.

After all, what is the point of toasting if glasses are empty? But make sure water and juices are also made available. Avoid getting everyone too drunk and having people get aggressive can bring bad energy into your event. The point of the party being for everyone to relax and enjoy a good time together.

4. The 4 S rule : Stand, Smile, Say and Sit.

Always stand up when making a toast in front of your audience. Raise your glass, smile and make eye contact with the people you are toasting. Say something sincere and genuine. Then sit back, and go on enjoying your evening.

5. Keep it simple.

A toast shouldn’t last more than a minute. Don’t forget to thank your audience, include special words in honour of your colleagues and collective accomplishments. This is a time to focus on all of the positivity that binds your team and be grateful. Also try getting everyone to feel united in this new year to come.

6. Attention please!

Let your guests know you are about to make a toast in a polite way. Avoid whistling, or clinking your glass with a knife to get their attention.

7. Avoid stand up comedy routines.

Unless you are a comedian, don’t take the risk of make a joke at which nobody will laugh. Nothing is worst than a bad joke!

8. Raise your glass, not your blood pressure.

Don’t get all offensive if someone accidentally doesn’t clink their glass with yours. According to the etiquette you should raise your glass, instead of splashing the table or your neighbour.

9. If you are the recipient of the toast, keep your glass on the table.

Never drink to yourself. The same goes for clapping when someone honours you with a compliment.

10. There is plenty of inspiration out there for your toast.

Don’t get uptight if you don’t know what to say exactly. Here is a list of 20 great toasts for you to get inspired of for your New Year’s Eve party. Whether you are looking for something stimulating, insightful or witty feel free to pick the one that inspires you the most.