5 effective hiring tips for startups

It can be difficult to create a solid business without a strongly dedicated to your project. However, hiring the right people can be a real challenge: looking for candidates; analyzing their applications; going through interviews; making a final decision.

Competition is tough when it comes to employment. Young startups can find themselves confronted to bigger players which are armed with recruiters, budgeted campaigns and unlimited means of action.

Yet, there is always a way of finding good candidates that can be convinced by your mission and benefits of working for your company. Here are five steps to help you while recruiting people:

1. Be transparent regarding your needs (and how they could evolve).
Startups usually evolve, so does their goals. Keep your team implicated in your project. If you aren’t able to manage and understand their needs (even before they are recruited), you will notice that your employees might probably have a low engagement rate. Overworked by their new responsibilities, newly hired employees will find it difficult to manage if they have to constantly adapt for no clear reason to a changing job description.
If you want to hire the perfect person, be honest about your expectations and explain what kind of future changes might occur. Applicants need to feel involved in your startup, and know why and how certain adaption may influence their daily responsibilities. If they aren’t sufficiently prepared for these changes, they will only end up feeling overworked and resentment will arise.

2. Build positive relationships with all candidates
Although you can’t (and shouldn’t) hire just anyone that rings your bell, you must seize an opportunity of good will. As the recruiter of a young startup looking for exceptional talent, you must work on your company’s reputation: make sure everyone wants to work for you. If you meet the wrong talent, instead of feeling like you’re wasting your time, take advantage of the situation to transform him into your brand’s ambassador. Encourage the “failed” candidates to talk about you to other potential talent. In exchange, promise them a commission; your support by writing them a recommendation letter or introduce them to other companies. Who knows!? Maybe one of them might come back with better experience next time you see them.

3. Make benefits very attractive
Don’t make false promises by painting a happy future for your company. It is preferable to present your candidate some attractive but realistic opportunities (which can sometimes compensate a high salary). Costless motivation can be generated by letting your employees feel like they are part of the team, are encouraged to take responsibilities and challenges. Emphasis their benefits in terms of personal development such as participating in trainings and exchange ideas with experts.

4. Ask help when start hiring
Even the most brilliant businessmen know they can’t do it all alone. Hiring skills come with practice. Which is not always the case when you’ve just started your own business. So don’t hesitate asking for advice when it comes down to finding the pearl you need to get your business out there. Ask friends or acquaintances’ that have already some experience. You’ll learn quickly how to find the best candidates, how to look at their applications, what questions to ask for, and how to make the best choice when the time comes.

5. Close the deal again and again
The hiring process doesn’t just end with the candidate accepting the offer. Keep on praising the great opportunity this is to your new employee during his first weeks at work. Challenge him to find his place and feel confortable with fellow colleagues. Don’t put him under too much pressure at first, take it step by step and see how he reacts. As much as possible, make your new employee feel like he is part of the family. Give him all the tools and knowledge he needs to strive. His amazing retention level and the quality of his work might even surprise you.