8 tips for finding the best corporate gift during the end of year festivities

Finding the right corporate gift for your colleagues may seem difficult. Here are a few tips to follow in order to find the perfect gift and by spending the least.

1. Aim for utility

The best gifts are those that can be used throughout the year, such as a nice calendar, a pen, desk lamps, notebooks or letter openers. Avoid useless gadgets that will end up in the corner of the office.

    2. Related to your business

Instead of buying stupid gifts for all your contacts, consider giving out your products or services as a gift. This solution will be much less expensive, and will end up being a rather smart marketing tool.

3. Make a donation

If you don’t have a product or a service that could be given out as gifts, make a donation to charity. This will show people you’re good side while creating good publicity for your business.

4. Look up partners

Another option is to exchange products and services with other partners. Again, this is a costless idea for your company. If you have the will and time, look up partners with whom you could send sets of gifts. Obviously, this is easier for cultural organizations, restaurants and other entertainment services.

5. Personalize it

Some may not agree, but it can be interesting to have your company’s name on your gifts. There is no problem with a branded gift as long as it is useful and nice to use in some work environment.

6. Share your joy

If you give out something to big companies, think about something that everyone could enjoy (not just the managers).

7. Don’t try too hard

Entrepreneurs should consider sending gifts and cards according to an established marketing strategy. Make sure to be simple, thoughtful and sincere. You wouldn’t want an inappropriate gift harming your brand’s reputation.

8. Give a gift, not diabetes

We all love edible gifts. But what if all your partners have the same idea. Not only will you be giving the impression of being inconsiderate of health issues, but moreover, imagine if ended up giving the whole office a hyperglycemia crisis thanks to your sweet thought. Why not sending a seasonal fruit basket for a change? After all, you’ll keep your partners more healthy and happy on the long-term.