9 tips on how to be a better leader

Encourage your employees to speak out

In our culture, nobody dares speaking out and giving an honest opinion anymore. This is becoming more and more of a problem because when people start fearing to share their minds with their superiors, the work environment often becomes negative.

Don’t try to do it all alone!
Leaders have to be able to pull out when necessary. Learn to delegate tasks to people around you. Remember that a good leader knows how to lead from the front stage as well as the back.

When someone makes a mistake, don’t come down too hard on him!
Make sure that he really understands his mistake, what problem it creates and make sure he learns his lesson.

Be compassionate!
Develop strong work relationships with your team in order for everyone to feel a personal attachment to the work environment.

Be constantly learning new things and be curious!
Think different and ask yourself the question “What don’t I know about yet? What should I know about? How can I learn about this?”

Know yourself!
Just like it’s impossible not weighing yourself on the scale before a diet, your journey starts by knowing yourself. We are the worst at being objective and analyzing ourselves. There is a real need of being more self-aware even if leaders don’t always realize the impact of their personality and actions on others.

Focus on one goal at a time!
Set yourself one goal at a time. Leaders don’t always know which is best to develop first. Give yourself a better chance of succeeding by aiming for one project at a time. You are better off making one big step in one field rather than baby steps in many.

Get rid of poor managers!
You shouldn’t tolerate any factional allegiances; back stabbing; or any other destructive negativity. Everyone wins or nobody does!

Make good use of your management skill everyday!
The more deliberate the decisions the better the improvement. It is much like learning to play the violin. You need to master the technical concepts and practice everyday if you ever want to play a concerto perfectly.