Open Incubator

Today, we can see a significant growth of incubators and accelerators. These structures are meant to promote the creation of a project or to accelerate its development based on its stage of evolution.


These structures are great but they also have their limits. Most of the time, they are characterized by:


  • a sectoral filter at the entrance
  • an obligation to follow a several weeks or months program
  • a financial restraint
  • a stake in the company


All these features are obstacles to entry for most contractors. And if we place ourselves from the contractor’ side, we can see that they don’t all need an incubator or accelerator.

These companies are exclusively directed towards a tiny strip of entrepreneurship.


It is based on this observation that Silversquare now offers on Open Incubator which is:


  • totally free at a sectoral level
  • available to all (member or non-members)
  • a place where every contractors picks up what he needs
  • without restraint

This new offer allows the contractors from all sides, whether they’re members or not, to find in Silversquare exactly what they need without any obligation and with the only purpose the smooth development of their project or their company.

Sharing Corner

Show & Tell - Business Selfies of new members

Learning Corner

Trainings - Conferences

Networking Corner


Helping Corner

Starter Corner - Experts

Show & Tell

Dynamic and inspiring presentations by experienced contractors.

Business Selfies

Introduction of new members and their business.


Permanent training program in partnership with ICHEC PME.


Conferences program given by contractors to learn about the latest trends, tools and techniques.


Events of all kinds and sizes organized in our centers or outside to celebrate and network. These events bring together between 50 (ex.: Pizza Party) and 300 people (ex.: Summer Drinks).

Starter Pitch

Starter project presentation to a panel of experts brought together by Silversquare.

These are the objectives: rank the project, collect/gather advice based on experience and increase the chances of success. This exercise is done twice at 6 months intervals.


A multidisciplinary team of experts available for the contractors to help them in specific matters/fields.

Offices Spaces

Free office program for Starters in need of support.