Our solutions

• Private offices

• Semi-closed private offices

• Open and shared offices

• Small collective work areas

• Workshops

• Conferences and seminars

• Education programs

• Events & drinks

• Cockpit booths work areas

• Meeting rooms

• Breakout spaces

• Coffee corners

• Exhibitions

• Theater, music fairs, etc.

• A bar for our members

• A presentation area/floor with tiers

Inlcuded services Start Office Virtual Office Flexed Office Fixed Office Private Office Daily Pass
100 € / month 150 € / month 295 € / month 395 € / month from 600 € / month 30 €/day
24/7 Access V V V
Registered address for your company V V V V V
Welcoming of your guests V V V V V
Access to shared spaces V V V V
Dedicated area in shared spaces V
Private office V
Mail management V V V V V
Daily scan of your mail V V V V V
Reception services V V V V V
Internet access (wi-fi or cabled) V V V V
Access to multifunction printers V V V V
Logistical Support V V V V V V
Phone number V V V V
Fax number V V V V
Free meeting rooms 2h/month 4h/month V V V
Daily cleaning V V V
No minimum duration contracts 6 months V V V V V
Taxes and charges V V V V V V
Invitations to Silversquare’s events V V V V V V

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523 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels

Tel. : +32 (0)2 335 12 01


54 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels

Tel. : +32 (0)2 895 60 00


35 Square de Meeûs
1000 Brussels

Tel. : +32 (0)2 893 97 00