How to stay motivated and be a happy entrepreneur?

Motivation is an entrepreneur’s key asset. That’s what makes their business strive. They work on ideas that matter to them and surround themselves with people they like working with. What really matters to an entrepreneur is his work team, his clients, his family, and of course his personal well-being.

However, running a company isn’t always an easy task. Some days, when events take an unexpected turn or the workload is just too overwhelming, it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated.

Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated and fulfilled while launching your business:

1. Don’t let details discourage you

Little things or minor details can sometimes be annoying. But there is no reason for you to boil up alone behind your desk. One of your employees has a rather disturbing habit? It irritates you? It might be time to go talk to him and kindly try getting rid of the tension between the both of you. This is an important first step toward a more relaxed work environment.

2. Set and respect boundaries

Most entrepreneurs put all their energy into their business. But this doesn’t mean that work should be everything. It is important to set boundaries when the time comes. A good balance between your professional and private life is essential. You have to take some time off, be around family and friends, play sports or enjoy various. This will help you be more productive and focused when you get back to work.

3. Celebrate small victories

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same goes for any successful business. Keep in mind that a big victory is after all essentially an addition of smaller ones. That is why it is important to celebrate and mark the occasion any way you can each time it happens. Some companies have, for example, installed a gong in their office entry. Whether it is a newly signed contract, a new product launch or an investor deal, they ring the gong! This helps keeping you and your team motivated and creates positive group energy.

4. Light up your environment

Entrepreneurs spend many long hours at work. This is why your office should be a fun and pleasant environment. Think about the different spaces you need to focus, discuss as a team, network, socialize, etc. Try getting a few plants for each room, a pool table or some art on the walls. People are also a very important factor to the office energy. Try remembering that when hiring them.

5. Be curious, ask questions

Always be curious, even if it feels like routine! Unleash the passions within. Keep employees interested especially when problems arise. Even during interviews, ask your candidate what his favorite book is. Organize luncheons, where teams can share their points of views, and give feedback on what they think about the work.