Is it time to move into a real office?

Moving from a near zero cost home, to renting an actual office can be a big decision.

Obviously, monthly expenses will go up. You start paying rent, and maybe additional charges such as a coffee machine or printers, furniture, phone equipment, cleaning service, etc.

However, there are also obvious reasons for you to leave your nest for actual office.

1. Only few companies can be managed from a living room.
Managing your company from home isn’t always possible for legal reason. Which is the case for companies powered by a three-phased power system for example. But you can also imagine that your neighbors won’t necessarily agree with your chemical experiments and all the toxic vapors coming from your back yard. Some business’ are just not made to be ran from home.

2. A move that will save you some money
Image a space where customers or prospects could pay you regular visits without you having to fear that you may have your socks, or kids toys on the floor? Renting a place could give your business a more professional look and open bigger opportunities for your project. In fact, someday your sales figures might even make you forget the additional renting costs all together.

3. Hire employees!
When you start needing to recruit employees, you know it might be time to consider moving. Unless you don’t mind your kitchen transformed into a meeting room, people coming in and out of your home all day long, etc.
Hummmm! Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in an office?

4. Limited space
Once your business grows; chances are you will need more employees. This is when your available workspace should be an important element to consider.
As convenient as working from home might seem, the day your business starts really running problematic situations such as difficulties in organizing meetings, handling logistics, etc. might become difficult.

5. Boost your productivity
you are often surrounded by many distractions while working at home that prevent you from staying focused on your task. If you feel like being home makes you less productive, it might also be time to move to a real office space.
A laid back environment can lead to procrastination and bad habits. Working in a different environment can trigger the boost you need to get the work done.

6. Meet new people
Working from home can sometimes be lonely experience, especially if you are accustomed to being surrounded by fellow colleagues. Regular interactions are healthy and foster contacts, while isolation can actually harm your personal and professional well-being.
Co-working spaces have adapted solutions for your budget and needs. Imagine getting access to the internet, printers, coffee, phones, without having to worry about cleaning the place or paying the electric bills. Co-working spaces foster collaboration, interaction, and guidance from more experienced people.

Ok, leaving your home will induce a few costs. But there are many good reasons make that decision. Just make sure the timing is right, and if it is : free the guestroom.