Coworker of the month: Pauline from P.I.E.

An Amazing Professional

Pauline P.I.E.

Pauline is in love with traveling. You might have seen her in our offices, making her way through hallways with her beautiful dog, Inka. She never leaves her: wherever she goes, there goes Inka.

Actually, for those of you who never met her, Pauline is blind. Inka is more than a dear friend to her: she is a vital necessity. So is her white stick and speaking computer.

She likes to come to Silversquare to meet her clients. Indeed, she finds Silversquare easily accessible. Besides, it looks very professional.

Inka P.I.E.


Pauline works with P.I.E. association (Programmes Internationaux d’Echanges) where she helps young people travel around the world at a very young age, while they are still in high school.

P.I.E. is a French initiative, which was born in Aix-en-Provence. They offer studying programs to young people aged between 15 and 18 who wish to study abroad during 1 or 2 semesters (going from 4 to 10 months).

You may choose any destination around the world: the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and even as near as Germany, or Italy.

For teenagers, traveling, studying and living abroad is a mind-blowing experience. Not only do they learn a foreign language, they also open their minds to another culture. They learn to envision the world and their place in it in a unique way.

Working & Traveling

P.I.E. programme pour étudiants

The experience of traveling changed Pauline too. During her master studies, she studied abroad in the United States and Britain. That is how she found out she loved it and wanted to help others travel as well.

Pauline says P.I.E. has been like a family to her. Her visual disability has never been a problem while working with them. They encourage her on a daily basis, urging her to share her passion for traveling.

Now, next time you are about to complain about your hard life, job or anything you think is worth complaining, remember Pauline. Remember her courage and be inspired.

Contact Pauline

If you have teenagers at home who wish to take the plunge and study abroad, you can download the brochure on P.I.E. website (in French) and contact Pauline: belgique[at]

She is also organizing an event in Silversquare next Thursday April 21 to present P.I.E. and specific services. You are more then welcome to attend.

Keep in touch, next month we’ll meet another coworker.