12 signs that you have the entrepreneurial spirit

Do you believe that being an entrepreneur is about being passionate, devoted and optimist? What about disruptive and risk taker?


  1. You Act

Having a very defined business plan can put a break on your growth. So embark on this adventure and invent yourself along the way.


  1. You are Timid

Most ambitious entrepreneurs are timid in reality. Using your resources in certain ways can help you overcome this.


  1. You are Clever

In the beginning try not to focus on what you need but rather, on being clever with what you have.


  1. You are Obsessed with Results

Your business might need cash, so be ready to dig into your own savings.


  1. You Don’t Ask for Permission

Entrepreneurs are more likely to apologize rather than asking for permission. Statu quo isn’t really their cup of tea.


  1. You Fear nothing

Entrepreneurs are real risk takers, as well as optimists. They are never afraid because they know everything will end up paying some day.


  1. You Like Change

Intelligent entrepreneurs like evolving. They can easily change their concepts to adapt to market demand.


  1. You Like a Challenge

Most people try avoiding problems, entrepreneurs like confronting them.


  1. You Feel Like an Outsider

Entrepreneurs are often perceived as people with strong opinions, and are easily misunderstood when they unveil their demanding side.


  1. You Get Over It

Entrepreneurs encounter failure at different periods, the trick is being able to get over it and come out of it stronger.


  1. You Listen

It is important for you to surround yourself with smatter people than yourself that you listen to. Be open to other people’s ideas and points of views.


  1. You Concentrate on the Essential

Instead of trying to deal with a mountain of challenges, concentrate on the most urgent/important things to deal with.