Startup: How to choose the perfect office space?

Finding the most convenient office space can be a big challenge for most of us.

Especially for young or growing companies.

Owners usually prefer signing long-term leases, which is not exactly what a young business is usually looking for. Startups are often much happier in a co-working space or a business center because of the offer’s flexibility. If you just got on tracks, and you need office solutions that can adapt to your needs because you have no idea what the future in made of, and how fast you will grow.

So, what should a young entrepreneur think about when looking for an office?
Fortunately, there are several options. The key is to find the best fit. Does a quiet and discrete environment suit you, or on the contrary, would you rather be in an open and collaborative space? Would you rather pay a long-term lease or rent a more flexible space?

Because sometimes you my have doubts about your business growth, it is better to ensure yourself that your workspace suits your strategy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for an office space:

Especially for young and small companies, it is really important not to imprison yourself in a lease that could end up being tricky to manage. Ask questions and make sure that you have explored all your options before signing anything. A shared lease with a more flexible space could be your best option.

Space arrangement
If you are a creative and dynamic company working in technologies, communications, or sales, you will definitely love open spaces. Ideas fuse and collaboration helps business’ grow. Now if you work in finances or as a lawyer, you would probably prefer having a closed office space, which offers more privacy. However, hybrid business centers manage to offer both solutions in order to suit all of their clients needs.
Make sure the space arrangement is right for you. Think about conference rooms available, the kitchen equipment, the parking solutions, the lockers, etc. Ask yourself “Do I feel confortable in this space?” If you feel good about it, chances are that most people chose this place for the same reason.

The facilities available to you should match your expectations. Are there conference rooms? Parking lots? Reception service?

Focus on “how much am I willing to spend each month?” Now imagine if your rent, electricity bills, heating, office supplies, furniture, maintenance, printers or even the coffee were covered? This is the one of the big advantages worth considering of a co-working office or a business center.