There are plenty of business opportunities in Belgium, so go for it!

We met Stéphanie Sellier, a French entrepreneur.
I have been living in Belgium for 6 years. When I first arrived I started looking for a professional activity in Brussels. I realized very quickly that my lack of Flemish would make things a bit more difficult, and that a Franco-Belgian network was essential for me to find something. That is how French-Connect was born.

Today, we define ourselves as a hybrid business/lifestyle digital media and an original business network for anyone looking to meet Belgian or French people, to join networking activities, workshops, to get access to job offers or start a business.

Muriel Chapelle joined me about a year ago, and is now helping with the marketing/advertising aspect as well as the event organization. Muriel is Belgian, but having also lived many years aboard, in France more specifically, this makes us a very complementary team.muriel-stephanie-French-Connect


What does an entrepreneur’s day look like in Brussels?
Our activity implies spending lots of time on the phone or the Internet. We also spend a lot of time riding by car around town looking for locations and good addresses. I choose a small car that enables me to park more easily, but I still wasted a lot of time in traffic and could literally start a parking tickets collection!

This was a good reason for us to find offices closer to our homes. Since then we prefer organizing our meeting and workshops “home” at Silversquare.


Your company’s offices are established in a business center, why did you choose that kind of solution? What are the limits of working at home?
After having spent 3 years creating the website and launching it from home, we decided to get a “flex” office at Silversquare. This enabled us to deal with daily business matters more practically, as a team, which is really necessary to move your business forward. Also, this very entrepreneurial environment is very stimulating.

We immediately liked Silversquare’s atmosphere. People are welcoming, kind and helpful. The networking aspect is also a real advantage here. There is a great energy here, all our needs are taking care of, what else could you ask for? Silversquare’s team is really wonderful. We started strategically organizing our workshops avenue Louise because everyone knows that street, even the French! The trip to our office is even easier thanks to the abundance of public transportation around it.

Every time I go to Silversquare I meet someone new. It is amazing!

My advice to entrepreneurs? There are plenty of business opportunities in Belgium, so go for it! And French-Connect can help you with your project, so contact us!