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Be Memorable: How TED Speakers are (or aren’t) Remembered

Be Memorable: How TED Speakers are (or aren’t) Remembered


Maya Angelou once said, “People aren’t going to remember what you tell them, they are going to remember how you make them feel”. Well, she was half right… There are ways to ensure that people walk away from your presentations remembering exactly what you want them to.

Are you curious why:

  • out of all the TED Talks you have heard, you only remember a couple of them?
  • you walk away from a presentation thinking you were no better off than when you walked in?
  • your presentations don’t result in your intended outcome?

Whether you are a leader of a team, giving a presentation or doing your own TED Talk, in this session you will learn the tips and tricks to be memorable.
PJ Brady is a presentation coach and currently coaches speakers for TEDxGhent and TEDxBruxelles. He has coached leaders and speakers since 1998 when he toured with an international musical. After three years on the road performing on stage, he found exceptional similarities between what it takes to put on a world-class musical and delivering a message as a speaker; story-telling, scripting, engaging audiences, informing, inspiring, influencing. It is this experience that PJ translates into his keynotes and workshops.

* Delicious sandwiches (and beers) will be available.


Avenue Louise 523
1050 Bruxelles

Tel : +32 2 335 12 01
Ouvert au public de 9h à 18h



Sébastien Deletaille (Riaktr): from start-up to scale-up

Sébastien will share the key learnings of Riaktr’s (previously, Real Impact Analytics) journey from start-up to scale-up.


Quelles règles de vie adopter pour former une équipe soudée ?

La vie de groupe est la base de toute équipe, que ce soit dans le sport ou en entreprise.


Olivier Legrain - CEO at IBA : Tips and tricks

Olivier parcourra les événements de crise récents que l’entreprise à subi et les répercussions de celle-ci sur le plan humain et organisationnel.


Afterwork "Sois Belge et tais toi! " Soirée Karaoke

Soirée Karaoké avec Sois Belge et Tais-Toi.


FROM START-UP TO SCALE-UP AND BEYOND - Which fundraising structure for SME?

Adrien Lanotte will highlight the different fundraising structures available for SME and will analyse their impact on business and funders: from pure equity to convertible debt, crowdfunding, VC or mezzanine financing.


Athletes get naked #2: Thomas Detry

Silversquare is delighted to host world champion Thomas Detry for our second Athletes Get Naked. 


Seul face aux vagues de l'Atlantique (Film)

Traverser l’Atlantique en solitaire sur un voilier de 6m50, sans moteur, sans moyens de communications avec la terre, sans internet, et venir à bout d’une course considérée comme l’antichambre des courses professionnelles autour du monde.


Afterwork & concert by Hollywood Bedsheets

En cette nouvelle année 2019, MUK BRUSSELS et Silversquare Louise prennent la bonne résolution d'organiser un afterwork musical 🎸 tous les 3 ème mercredis du mois ouvert au public.


Afterwork & Concert par Rafikiz

RafikiZ est un duo formé en 2013 par 2 jeunes artistes mais également amis réunis autours d'une passion commune, la musique !


Future and Innovations of the health business

The health market is growing quickly and numerous players are disrupting the old ways.


Afterwork & live concert by Eloÿse

Suite au succès de la seconde édition de notre afterwork avec concert, Eloÿse nous fait l'honneur de sa présence pour le prochain afterwork !


Afterwork & Live concert by Oriane Simon

Oriane Simon est chanteuse et guitariste. Finaliste de The Voice Belgique 2017, elle continue son petit chemin dans plusieurs formations musicales mais aussi en solo. Seule avec sa guitare, elle vous emmène dans son univers acoustique et chaleureux.


Afterwork & live concert by Romain Helvetius

Romain Helvétius est chanteur/pianiste tout droit sorti de la réputée Music Academy International de Nancy, il nous plonge dans un univers de reprises en piano voix pour vous faire redécouvrir des morceaux cultes de la pop, le tout dans une ambiance chaleureuse et cosy.


Workshop: How to sharpen your value proposition to drive pricing power?

In this highly interactive masterclass, Chris will share a simple and proven framework, along with many examples, to sharply define your own value prop.


Big Data and artificial intelligence to address global challenges

After spending two years as the Head of Indirect Sales & Partnership for a software company in the Silicon Valley, Astrid decided to use her technology and leadership competences in the development sector as Project Manager at Dalberg Data Insights.


P'tit déj French Tech - Rencontre avec la CEO-Founder de !

Venez rencontrer Muriel Bernard, fondatrice et CEO de e-farmz


Quentin Labrique : how to disrupt the organic food market ?

More details to come.


Entrepreneurs get naked #7 : Youri Dauber CEO @ Cohabs

Silversquare is delighted to host Youri Dauber, co-founder of Cohabs for another session of Entrepreneurs Get Naked.

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