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🔗Today, it’s international Childhood Cancer Day #KickCancer

12 February 2020

🔗Today, it’s international Childhood Cancer Day #KickCancer

☕   A coffee break with Delphine Heenen and Céline Ghins.  Two wonder-mums in charge of KICKCANCER and also Silversquare Louise members. 

🎗 We want to introduce you two members : Delphine, kicker-in-chief et Céline Kicking-director from Kick Cancer.

Delphine and Céline both faced the illness of their children, Raphael and Léonor. KickCancer was born in 2017, from the frustrating and disappointing finding of families who realize that innovations in treatments and drugs seem to be kept for adults, pediatric cancer being (fortunately) now said to be more “rare” and more complex to comprehend. 

Silversquare: Delphine, could you explain in a few words what “Kick Cancer” does?  🎯

Delphine: KickCancer is a young foundation that fights to ensure that children with cancer all have a chance to heal and can heal better, without long-term side effects caused by their treatment. 

Our work is divided into two main areas: funding research to discover innovative treatments and representing the voice and interests of children with cancer to public authorities, pharmaceutical companies and doctors. 

Silversquare :  You are an entrepreneur at heart, how is Kick Cancer managed? 

Delphine: I’ve always been an “independent worker.” After being a lawyer for 10 years, I worked briefly as a strategy consultant to return finally to private equity in the field of renewable energy. Even though the set-up was different each time, I had to take care of myself and make sure that every project was carried to completion.

So it didn’t scare me to set up KickCancer and drop everything for this project. Now we are growing and we want to create a high quality team with ambitious people. We are now in the start-up mode – everyone is in charge of his own project and carries it out but we meet on Fridays to coordinate and avoid confusion.

Silversquare: What has Silversquare already done or can do to contribute/participate in your project? 

Delphine: The first thing Silversquare did was… allowing me not to work alone at home. Even if I’m in a meeting or traveling more than 50% of my time, it was not easy to be alone at home while KickCancer didn’t have any collaborators. 

Meeting other people allows me not only to exchange and think clearer, but it sometimes also helps to make better decisions. Philippe, Geraldine (will they recognize themselves?) gave me good HR advice. Axel and Alex put me in touch with specialists on some of the specific issues on which our team had no expertise. This saves time and money – very valuable in philanthropy! 

Silversquare: I see you as a wonder Mum, full of energy and superpowers… ⚡

Delphine : Nobody is perfect; nobody is a hero – in any case, not me. We are all poor human beings, more or less put to the test and we react with as much courage as possible withe the tools a tour disposal. I do what I can, day after day. I’m lucky; I don’t let myself down quickly. But that doesn’t make me a hero – I should rather thank my parents for the courage they gave me. 

Silversquare:What is your motto? 

Delphine: I don’t know, it changes every day;-) 

Silversquare: Kick Cancer organizes an annual RUN TO KICK race, can you tell us more?  👟🥇

Delphine:  On September 27, KickCancer is hosting the third edition of RUN TO KICK at Tervueren Park. The event is growing gently. Between 2018 and 2019 we went from 650 to 1350 runners and we raised 330,000 euros in the first year and 630,000 in 2019. Research needs a lot of funding so we aim for the million by 2020! 

The event takes place on a Sunday morning and you don’t really have to be sporty to participate because you can run or walk 2, 5 or 10 km – so no excuses! It’s mostly a family celebration, an opportunity to be with your family. The real game is to solicit your friends and family before the race because you have to collect at least 200 euros in donations to participate. 

The event itself is quite unique and easygoing, and above all full of emotions. For families who have been affected by infant cancer and who are participating, it’s really magical to feel supported and surrounded by strangers who are committed to funding research. 

Thank you Delphine for this inspiring moment and for your contagious positive energy!  💓

📢 @Silversquare members & co : 
We are more than 2000 Silversquare members….. What if we took advantage of our leverage as a community, and we try to raise a maximum of funds and participate in the next September race?
Stay tuned !

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