Are you ready for the fast-changing digital age?


The new technologies, new business models, new business techniques and new ecosystems are very popular today. They are the key to succeed in the digital age. But often these questions pop up:

  • How can we get everyone aligned and change behaviors?
  • How can we focus in a world of opportunities and threats?
  • How can I get more done without exhausting myself?
  • How can we stay relevant and constantly reinvent ourselves?

We work like hell and sometimes that is still not enough to have the impact we want. But how are we going to work even harder?

What many leaders forget is that the habits that served them very well in slower times are now standing in the way of success. In fast-changing digital times, they need new habits and behaviors that are often totally different from what they learned in school and in their career. And to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to work in small steps on 3 levels:

  • The personal level: mind, emotions and body
  • The organization with its five pillars
  • The ecosystem

During this conference, discover why you need to work on these 3 levels and what those are.




Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23
1050 Brussels

Tel : +32 2 627 77 22
Open to the public from 8:30am to 6pm



Xavier Tackoen: La mobilité au cœur de la disruption

Les transports connaissent des mutations profondes liées en particulier au développement de l’économie numérique et collaborative.


Virtual reality will change the way we see the world

Augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality are buzzword nowadays.


Anne-Marie et Patrick Demoucelle: resilience in practice

Give meaning to your setbacks, difficulties and problems: turn them into assets!


Entrepreneurs get naked #3: Olivier de Brauwere founder at The Brussels Beer Project.

Silversquare is delighted to host Olivier de Brauwere founder at Brussels Beer Project for our third Entrepeneurs Get Naked of 2018. 


The mobility week

You want to waste less time in traffic jams,optimize your travel expenses and reduce your impact environmental? Discover and try the latest innovations in mobility at Silversquare @Befimmo Triomphe.


Conférence & afterwork : Pierre Marcolini

Silversquare se joint au Cercle dynamique pour co-organiser une soirée riche en enseignements pour les jeunes entrepreneurs.


V. Delmotte (Ceo AdUX) : Mobile Marketing et GeoFencing, une révolution ?

Les consommateurs passent aujourd’hui 7 fois plus de temps sur les applications mobiles que sur les navigateurs internet mobiles.


Athletes get naked #1: Thierry Neuville

Athletes Get Naked will explore the strong correlations between athletes and entrepreneurs.


FREDERIC LENOIR: Entrepreneurship and philosophy: an antagonism?

The economy is with no doubt fully transforming, with new jobs, new organization styles, work methods and growing entrepreneurship.


Meet The Family and Oussama Ammar

Founders : Get the best out of Europe, no matter where you are ! 
One reason the European entrepreneurial ecosystem is so toxic is that no one envisions it as a single ecosystem. It's only seen as just the sum of its parts


Entrepreneurs get naked #4. Adrien Roose : Co-founder at Cowboy bikes

Silversquare is delighted to host Adrien Roose co-founder at Cowboy bikes for our first Entrepeneurs Get Naked of 2019.


Afterwork & Concert by Brussels Rock School

En cette nouvelle année 2019, Les compagnons et Silversquare prennent la bonne résolution d'organiser un afterwork musical 🎸 tous les 4 ème mercredis du mois ouvert au public.


Bee A Founder #1

5 days to develop your social entrepreneurship skills and business
Register before 31/1/2019.


Afterwork & Concert by Mélissa Forton

Ontmoet Mélissa Forton op 27/02 beleid door Francesco Palmeri in een zowel lichte als emotioneel geladen sfeer … Haar elektrische wereld zal je doen reizen tussen Franse en Engelse pop, folk en musical, dit alles op haar unieke wijze.

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