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🔗The best time to know more about your Silversquare’s coworkers is NOW!

04 December 2019

🔗The best time to know more about your Silversquare’s coworkers is NOW!

☕   Coffee Break with Colombe and Andrea ; we want to learn more about their project, NOW!

Andrea (27, Italian) graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University and worked for two years as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.
Colombe (25, French) worked in various human rights and humanitarian organizations, including Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the NRC and the OHCHR. She holds a Masters of Law from Duke School of Law, as well as a law degree from Warwick University.

Before starting to work on NOW!, they both co-founded Volt Europa, a pan-European party who is present in more than 30 European countries and today sits in the European Parliament.They are launching NOW! in January to solve the biggest challenges that the world is facing, together. 🚀

Silversquare: What’s exactly NOW! ?
NOW! is a global movement pushing humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our times. Climate change, nuclear proliferation or global rights can only be tackled if we all work together. Yes, we are big believers that we are stronger together!
From calling for referendums, to launching viral petitions, lobbying elected officials, protesting, taking part in public consultations, levying our champions’ voices, using civil disobedience when needed, and collaborating with change-makers, we will push for the same concrete pieces of legislation addressing global challenges, across continents to fight for our future.
S: What’s your entrepreneurial mindset?
We have always been told that our dreams are way too big and impossible to fulfill. Our mindset is that any big idea looks crazy at first, but then it gets done any big vision has to start somewhere. That’s why we are not worried about setting ourselves really aspirational targets – once we have the direction, every small step will bring us closer to our goal.
S: What’s your personal motto?
“ Don’t hope for others to do good; do it yourself ”

S: You arrive on Mars, you can start from scratch, what would be your first 3 decisions?

If we were to re-create humanity on Mars, the first thing would be to make sure that we do not divide humans based on arbitrary criteria, such as borders. Mars would thus be one planet for all its inhabitants, not 195 countries.
In this spirit, we would then create a system of governance for all, by all, to ensure that we can adequately address problems concerning Mars as a whole: if an asteroid was coming our way, it wouldn’t make sense for only a district or a country in Mars to deal with it. Instead, all capabilities should be pulled together. We would then deploy a wide-range set of fact-based policies to ensure that all humans on Mars can live a free, fair and decent life, and that we are not replicating the problems we created on Earth, such as the climate crisis.
S: What Climate action marked your particularly in 2019?
Among the many actions taken, the image of young climate activists speaking in front of the UN and suying some of the world’s most powerful countries definitely stuck with us: we all have the power to change the tide if we work together. More than this, we have a duty to do so, even if it may seem impossible sometimes.
However, those activists couldn’t have been standing there without the support from millions of people from across the world, that decided to work for our shared future.
S: What can we wish you (and all of us) for 2020?
For governments to listen to those standing up for their future: national elections shouldn’t define whether we solve global challenges, we should realize that we are all in this together.
S: NOW! May sound like a dream, but what kind of event are pinch point which bring you back to the positive reality and make you think “yes, we can do it”?
When we get to present our project to people, quite often there is a little spark in the eyes of listeners and they say “yes, it makes sense”. This is the kind of reactions that make us understand that we are on the right track, much more than the contributions or media coverage.
S: Does Silversquare help you to rise from inside? How?
The reason for which we decided to start our project at Silversquare is definitely the energy that this place creates (together with really competitive prices, we must say 🙂 ). It is really inspiring to see so many motivated and diverse professionals storming around the space to achieve their goals, while always taking the time to smile and have a little chat in front of the coffee machine. So far, we are extremely happy here.
S: Why did you choose coworking? You’re about to build a community, is that one point why you’ve chosen to join us?
The main reason is that we want to make sure to confront our ideas with people in different sectors, and learn from them. Creativity also comes from learning new things, so being in a co-working with people working in many different sectors (not just the public one) means that we hear about what they do and might see points of convergence with other sectors that we otherwise would not know exist .
S: Thank you Colombe and Andrea, we wish you the very best for the launch of NOW! in January!
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