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Why having a good sleep is essential to be efficient at work ?

13 March 2019

Why having a good sleep is essential to be efficient at work ?

As you maybe know, the 15th of March is The World Sleep Day.

It’s the occasion for Silversquare to remind its members that a good night of sleep is one of the best medicines.

And yes, we want to see you in a good form in our coworking. We’ll tell you why it is important.

It has been proved that an adult ideally needs to sleep between 7 hours and 9 hours a night to be in a good shape and sleeping less than 6 hours raises by 48% the risk of having a cardio vascular accident.

Did you know that sleeping well makes you more creative ? Have a good night of sleep and you’ll be done with boring ideas, you will revolutionize your job !

Also, you will be in a better mood et less irritable. That’s a win-win situation : we don’t want to see you grumpy all day. Days are shorter with a smile on the face.

A good night is synonym of a better retention of information and understanding. With this, no need to repeat 6 times the same information.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find sleep but there are some tricks & tips to help you.

Start by having a regular rhythm of sleep : it’s not advised to sleep 4 hours and the very next day 10 hours. A good balance is recommended.

A too heavy meal can sometimes delay the moment you close your eyes. It is preferred to eat light and healthy before going to bed.

If you had a bad night, a little nap can be really beneficial for your efficiency at work. Try to sleep 20 minutes between 1pm and 4pm. It helps to recharge your battery and relax the muscles. We all experienced the little guilty slack after lunch.

To conclude, we confirm that a good night of sleep is never a waste of time !

Come on, go to bed now !

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