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XXIMO – Silversquare

01 February 2019

XXIMO – Silversquare

XXImo now gives access to meeting rooms and daily passes from Silversquare

What about XXimo ?

XXImo has created an advanced management expanses platform, enabling companies to manage the total mobility of their employees without administrative hassle. The XXImo platform is also specified on the mobility plan, flexplan and/or cafeteria plan.

All (business) travel movements can easily be facilitated using one tool: the XXImo Mobility Card. XXImo facilitates the so-called split, where every employee has in fact two pots of money: one for professional expenses, such as a taxi ride to a customer, and one for the mobility budget, from which an employee pays for commuting and other mobility expenses.

It allows a company to choose the best way for employees to travel from A to B. In addition to that, the solution offers fuel card with addition like, car, scooter and bike sharing,  public transport, taxis and making hotel and flight reservations.

XXImo has a brand new innovation : book meeting rooms and daily passes within Silversquare with the XXImo Mobility Card!

What is XXImo Mobility Card ?

The XXImo Mobility Card makes it possible to efficiently manage and pay for various forms of business travel. Users can use the card to pay for, among other things, parking, charging, public transport, taxis, shared cars, scooters, bicycles, booking meeting rooms and refuelling is also possible at 98% of Belgian fuel stations. Business travel has never been this easy with the XXImo Mobility Card and combined Milo app.

The Milo app is like the most helpful friend around. He helps users to travel efficiently by making optimal use of the various transportation options. When the app discovers a traffic jam, it’ll suggest to leave earlier or to choose a different means of transportation. If required, the app can also take into account a company policy.

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