A successful mobility challenge by AtlasGo, Tapio and Silversquare

A successful mobility challenge by AtlasGo, Tapio and Silversquare

Hello Elise, can you introduce yourself and Atlas Go?
Of course. I have been working as a CSM (Customer Success Manager) at atlasGO for a little over a year. AtlasGO is a Belgian-American B corp that offers a wellness platform for companies. Our goal is to make employees happy, engaged, and healthy through our customised solution.

As part of the European Mobility Month, Silversquare launched a mobility challenge with AtlasGo, can you explain the concept?
The concept of the mobility challenge was to join forces with our partner Tapio, an expert in carbon footprint reduction (and also a member of Silversquare), to propose a fun initiative around mobility. We launched this project in September to coincide with European Mobility Week.

The concept was simple: to make our platform available to partner companies to measure and reduce their carbon impact related to mobility. For a month, participants in the challenge were able to enter their journeys by train, bus, bike, on foot, etc. and see them converted directly into KG of CO2 not emitted compared to the use of a car.

The objective? To maximize the amount of CO2 not emitted while having fun. On our app, participants were able to enter their journeys, post photos, like and comment on those of others, access inter and intra team rankings. We really felt a great atmosphere during this challenge!

What are the results of this challenge? How can these results be translated into concrete terms?
In one month, the participants of the Silversquare challenge have encoded nearly 1000 activities, which has allowed to save 4650 KG (or 4.7 tons) of CO2.

This represents in concrete terms:

  • 214 times the amount of CO2 a tree absorbs in a year.
  • 2 round trips Brussels - New York by plane or 7 round trips Brussels - Nice by plane.
  • The CO2 emitted by 9235 veggie meals or 748 meals with red meat.

To achieve these results, Silversquare members travelled 17450 KM by train, 2729 KM by bike (in sometimes capricious weather!), 2397 KM by car, and many other journeys by metro, tram, scooter, rollerblades, etc.

We are very proud of the positive environmental impact of this challenge, and we hope that the participants will keep these good habits of soft mobility!

Can you share with us a particularly successful challenge experience, a good memory or a nice anecdote that you had with a client/partner?
There are many! We are very proud to have had Jean-Michel Saive and Jonathan Borlée on atlasGO challenges 😄 Who will be the next star?

Experience atlasGO at Silversquare?
We have already tested several Silversquares with atlasGO, but our preference finally stopped on the cosy and coloured aspect of the SQ Delta! Recently we even won a photo contest on Instagram and won the famous golden waffle of the designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard, it proudly sits on our desk!

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