Give meaning to your daily life while enhancing your experiences!

Give meaning to your daily life while enhancing your experiences!


Like our friends members Margaux, Marine, Bertrand, Axel or Pierre-Loïc, join our team of mentors. In order to continue to accompany a maximum number of job seekers and to help our community shine, we are looking for new mentors.

Silversquare member and mentor!

Today, many mentors are part of the Silversquare community and accompany job seekers in their professional project.

Pierre-Loïc, Silversquare member: "Mentorships nourish my personal imprint on the society around me! The Team4Job team has this extraordinary ability to transmit literally solar energy to its community, which reinforces its individual and collective impact. »

Geoffroy in mentoring with Bertrand, Silversquare member: "Bertrand was an inspiring guide. He taught me to believe in myself and my project. Today, I am an actor of my own choices."

Would you like to try the adventure?

You don't have the opportunity to start as a mentor yet, but your relatives or colleagues would be interested in living this unique experience? Spread the word and encourage them to join the adventure!

What is Team4Job?

Team4Job offers a mentoring programme that connects a job seeker (mentee) with a professionally active person (mentor) to boost his or her search.

Together, they form a pair and meet at least twice a month for 6 months. The goal is to share the mentor's experience, knowledge of the labour market and network for the benefit of the mentee.

Thanks to mentoring, 70% of jobseekers find a job, start their own business or return to training within 6 months!

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