Les Compagnons, the FOOD partner of Silversquare deliver fresh food in all our coworking spaces!

Do you know Les Compagnons?

Les Compagnons are  partners of Silversquare and  the  beating heart  of Silversquare Triomphe building,  animated by attentive  service and a lasting commitment;  durable ; A warm  and  amazing   place to  relax  and eat well all day long.  

The Values of Les Compagnons:
JOYFUL: A  radiant team &  happy customers
DURABILITY: Respect for  the environment  is at the heart of  all  our  concerns
ENGAGEMENT: The constant  attention  of taking  care  of   everyone 

The offer : 
The Team of Les Compagnons,   is  looking forward  and  happy  to be able to bring tasty dishes to the  whole Silversquare community from 18.05 

The dishes  offered  by Les Compagnons are  passionately made   from   fresh  products from  local farms.   

Home made food delivered to your Silversquare coworking

Various dishes, sandwiches, soups, hot dishes, pastries, vacuum dishes for the evening, local beers, natural wines…
Are you salivating just at the idea?
Don’t hesitate to order! 


Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your Local Team, they’ll help you to follow the process to order

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