Our "Chief Biker Officer", Margaux talks to us about mobility.

Our "Chief Biker Officer", Margaux talks to us about mobility.

Mobility week is starting, it's the perfect time to present Margaux, our Operations, Finance & CSR Silversquare, or rather nicknamed “Chief Biker Officer”, within the Silversquare team.

Hello Margaux, does soft mobility speak to you?
Of course, for a few years I have chosen soft mobility, more particularly the bicycle to get to work. I started when I was working in London where the overcrowded subway rides no longer suited me. Being convinced of the benefits of coming by bike, I continued when I arrived in Brussels, leaving my car in front of my house only for long journeys or when I have to transport people or objects. The bike is obvious to me, the movements are active, fast and efficient. The bike also allows me to make a real split between work and my private life by offering me a moment for me between the two. It's fun in summer and you just need to be well equipped for winter and rain.

In your opinion, how can coworking spaces be a solution to the challenges of mobility?
Using coworking spaces allows access to a equipped workspace close to home or close to appointments, which considerably reduces the journeys to be made. Our coworkings are also located in strategic places such as close to stations or at the entrance to the city, contributing to a smoother mobility.

Has Silversquare put things in place, for its team or within the community, to encourage soft mobility?
For more than a year, Silversquare employees have been able to buy a bike of their choice, which is largely subsidized by the company. Having several coworkings in our network, we encourage employees to travel between coworkings by bike. Putting this in place was not easy because we had to find out about the different possible solutions, the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, but we got there and we currently have around ten employees with an SQ bike.

We are also working with Befimmo and Hooba to provide the community with 4-5 bicycles at the entrance to our buildings. These can be borrowed free of charge by our team and our members, for trips during the day.

We are taking advantage of mobility week to highlight our partnerships with Tapio and AtlasGo and we are organizing a great challenge with the participation of our members, in order to emit a minimum of CO2. In that context, we have set up a partnership with Dott so that our members can use scooters and bicycles at attractive prices.

Silversquare is continually looking for initiatives and new partnerships to encourage soft mobility

Would you like to go even further? Do you have any ideas?
Silversquare is a community of more than 4000 members on currently 10 coworking, the possibilities are immense. A dream would be to imagine a community that, beyond Silversquare, helps each other and organizes its trips collectively. We can't all give up the car, but we can encourage people to organize themselves so as not to be alone in their car.

How many km per week do you travel? Do you have a picture of your record?
I'm a big fan of folding bikes that I can take everywhere with me. By my function, I move between coworking regularly. I cover an average of 65 km per month professionally. I have had my electric bike, thanks to Silversquare, for a little over a year and by combining my personal and professional journeys I am already at more than 1500 km.

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