Remote Workers Have to Work Somewhere

Remote Workers Have to Work Somewhere

Work flexibility has always been seen as the future of working, a concept driven by start-ups and tech companies. Because of recent events, remote working is a future that has arrived faster than previously anticipated. In fact, just looking at online searches over the past couple of months demonstrates this increased demand. Data on Google Trends shows that in the space of just ten days in March, Google searches on ‘Remote Working’ and ‘Working from home’ more than doubled. When thinking about remote working, working from home is often the first thought that comes to mind. Along with feelings of comfort, warmth and the safety that you associate with being in your own personal cocoon. Combining this with the novelty of not being stuck in traffic jams, missing trains or being able to work in pyjamas, makes it seem like we’ve finally reclaimed our work-life balance. Working from home, however, isn’t the only way to work remotely. More and more frequently, coworking is seen as the smart way to remote work.

Coworking Spaces, the Best of Both Worlds

Some remote workers just don’t have the space or the infrastructure to work from home efficiently, some might be uncomfortable with the idea of associating home with work, after all when does your working day officially end? Some remote workers might be feeling isolated without other people around, and others are currently tearing their hair out from having too many people around. And that’s all before taking into account the biggest temptation of all when working from home…the TV. Sound familiar? Then perhaps it’s time you considered coworking. The main benefit of coworking is that you have the best of both worlds – a functional work space combined with the feeling of being at home. Coworking offers you easily accessible, fully functional and beautifully designed work spaces with IT infrastructure to support your remote working needs.

A Community of Pioneers

At Silversquare, we are the pioneers of coworking in Belgium. Our goal is to nurture our supportive community, nothing makes us happier than seeing our community forging lifelong partnerships and growing together. For us, this goal will never change. We have seven state-of-the-art buildings across Brussels, Zaventem and Luxembourg, all designed by local artists to inspire innovation and provide the functionality to take your business to the next level. And most importantly, our team are happy to help you every step of the way. Now more than ever, our top priority is the wellbeing and health of our people, clients and partners. We also understand that some people need a place to work remotely and as such Silversquare have implemented a series of measures to maintain safe office environments to help you carry on working.

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