Sébastien Caporusso, the creative behind the expansion of SQ Europe.

Sébastien Caporusso, the creative behind the expansion of SQ Europe.

When Silversquare contacted you, how did you take it?

Combining advice and innovation in the service of a shared space project is a challenge for an architect, the idea immediately excited me.

You accepted the challenge! Why did you accept it?

I like project proposals with free compositions. And the challenge was interesting.

What is your source of inspiration?

A buffer between the outside and the inside, the workplace, a sober and comfortable interlude.

What is your 'signature' in the project?

For Silversquare I worked in a geometrical and unstructured way, I wanted to go out of the ordinary, to use simple, soft and organic forms, combined with an astonishing design.

Without revealing everything, what are the elements of your moodboards?

Sienna atmosphere, ecru, faded tones, raw patinas. A calm and relaxed spirit.

Where do you find them?

In my daily exchanges, being an eternal curious person, I also have a passion for contemporary art. I like to make links between references

What materials are you planning to use?

I am already in a sustainable approach, I like to use materials that have a history, recovered materials that have already lived. Natural, raw.

SQ Europe is at the heart of the European institutions. Will we feel this European "melting pot"?

I cannot say that I am attached to a spirit, a place. I don't follow trends. All places and countries can inspire me.

For you, what is an inspiring workplace?

A place that tells a story, that changes with the times. It's important to humanise living and working spaces, it's not just a matter of adding taste.

What's your own way of working?

I like to work in collaboration with craftsmen, artists and my clients. Collective experience and dialogue are essential in my practice. I have an office and a physical workshop but I am constantly on the move to carry out and advance my projects.

What is the current trend in design today?

Today's trend is commitment, a sustainable approach, it's inevitable we can't miss it in my profession.

What do you prefer, furniture design or interior design?

Architects have always designed furniture, independent or integrated. Being part of the decorative arts and designing furniture completes my architect's constructions, it's all complementary.

What's your motto?

Always have plans

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