Talking Square. Promote multilingualism in business communities.

Talking Square. Promote multilingualism in business communities.

Language skills are crucial to the success of a business. If you want to give yourself and your business the kind of edge that will take you to new heights, then you'd better work on those language skills.

Silversquare offers its network and its experience to raise awareness of linguistic diversity among its members, non-members and visitors.
The Talking Square project aims to stimulate multilingualism in the Brussels-Capital Region by organizing cycles of thematic conversation tables evenly distributed between the following 3 languages: French, Dutch & English.

These conversation tables will take place in 3 coworking spaces: Silversquare Bailli (Avenue Louise), Europe (Square de Meeus) & Central (Cantersteen / central station) benefiting from spaces adapted to accommodate groups of around ten participants per conversation table. These coworking spaces are located in the Brussels-Capital Region in dynamic, urban districts, close to public transport and business centers. Anyone wishing to improve their language level in French, Dutch or English will have the opportunity to participate at lunchtime, in a thematic conversation table (registration mandatory + minimum A2 language level).

Silversquare partners with CLL Language Centers** for this project. With over 35 years of experience, CLL Language Centers is a renowned language school and has a multilingual team (FR – NL – EN) offering the highest standards of skills, able to animate the tables of thematic conversation.

Language skills can help you run your Business,
Take advantage of this unique and free* opportunity for yourself and/or your teams.

*With the support of Brussels-Capital Region.
**Partnership with CLL - Language Center

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