The coworking SQ Baiili, a giant piece of art, is signed KRJST Studio.

The coworking SQ Baiili, a giant piece of art, is signed KRJST Studio.

Where does your inspiration come from?

J.M.: What struck us on our first visit on site was the view of the trees on the Avenue Louise from the first floor. We had never seen the Avenue Louise like this, from so high and above all so green.

We thought it would be interesting to bring this invigorating vision of nature inside.

Based on your inspiration, can you explain the artistic approach behind the SQ Bailli project?

E.S..: We have created a space where the natural element abounds, a space where people feel good, embellished with an air of holiday in everyday life. If you take a good look at the floor and the decor, you will notice that at the entrance of the coworking, you can feel a flow of water, you will see subtle references to the sea, to the beach, with the sort of "beach cabins" which are in fact phonebooths. As you move through the space, you are immersed in a scenery reminiscent of dunes, rocks, forest and even caves, all of which can be found on the office floors of the building.

What do you think of Silversquare's approach of partnering with an artist (or in artists in this case) to create unique places?

J.M.: It's rare for a company to create a real bridge between art and its core business. We very quickly felt that here it wasn't superficial marketing but the ambition to do something very sharp and elaborate. With the help of an in-house architect who works with Silversquare, everything was tailor-made. Nothing is left to chance! It's the work of a year of design and research.

So where does "KRJST" actually come from?

KR for ERIKA and JST for Justine.

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