The network always wins

The network always wins

When a coworking network lifts your creativity

You’re probably wondering what we mean by this but the notion is something that you’re probably already very familiar with. The foundation of any successful business is having a strong reliable creative network of people around you. With so much competition out there, staying one-step ahead of the game is integral to the success and overall fitness of any growing business. Although we already know the impact of having a strong and creative network, some businesses are still missing out on opportunities to reach their true potential.

The network as a cornerstone for creativity

Business leaders face new problems and challenges every day that need creative solutions to overcome them. This is where having a strong network is invaluable. Being creative and inventive is human nature, creativity flourishes when different people and different ideas meet. Currently teleworking adds additional challenges and obstacles to the way businesses want to run but even before Covid changed the landscape of how we work, creativity was often snuffed out rather than supported.

This wasn’t intentional either it was just a by-product of outdated office design, where the only focus was to increase productivity rather than increasing creativity, innovation or collaboration as well. A company's biggest asset has always been its employees and from a creativity point of view, this is almost certainly true but even the most creative minds need space in which they are able to relax, brainstorm and let their creative juices flow.

Silversquare, a coworking space that cultivates creativity

Start-ups and entrepreneurs have a significant disadvantage when it comes to maximising their creativity because of a more limited network and less employees. This though is exactly why the concept of coworking was born. Coworking opens the door to other likeminded passionate creative professionals, offering a space for people from different industries and different backgrounds to collaborate and create ideas.

Silversquare can help business leaders looking to get the most out of their creativity. With several unique spaces designed by local artists and designers to serve as a hub for creativity. As well as offering a community of 2500+ members full of talents and ideas to be shared, empowered and realised. With 350 events organised per year and the new SQills (the permanent pool of skills)*, Silversquare offers far more than just a common office space, Silverquare could be the next step your business needs to build that winning network.

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