Thursday 15 September 2022, 16:00
@ Silversquare Central
Back2school Afterwork starring Lolly Wish from Crazy Horse Paris & Guest

Back2school Afterwork starring Lolly Wish from Crazy Horse Paris & Guest

Don’t miss our unforgetable back2shool afterwork with DJ and unique show starring Lolly Wish from Crazy Horse Paris and guest performer.

Lolly Wish the belgian burlesque diva.
Lolly Wish is a multifaceted woman, crazy horse boudoir diva, burlesque stripper, agent and artistic director, coach...

An artistic vocation and a burlesque duo.
From an early age, Lolly decided to become a singer. Back in the 80s, a dream that was out of the ordinary, when little girls wanted to become doctors, florists, or school teachers...

Since then, Lolly has done everything to achieve her goal, singing, dancing and acting lessons with, in parallel, a job as a saleswoman in a luxury boutique. Her career started with a casting for a "Berlin" type cabaret. During this period, she met Georges, her current stage partner. They then continued their journey together to form a glamorous duo known in Belgium and France.

Then one day, the singer was asked by the Crazy Horse for a review in collaboration with Chantal Thomass to perform the song "striptease me". It was after recording in the studio that Lolly met the artistic director of Crazy Horse, Andrée Deissenberg, who then asked her to work for her. This is when Lolly Wish's dream at the Crazy Horse in duet with Georges started...

The human and the feminine cause.
It wasn't enough for Lolly, something was missing. She felt the need for a balance between her desire to be a showgirl and the social and human side. She wanted to go beyond glitter. This is how, with evidence, she turned to the female cause.

“Women think that well-being is about feeling beautiful and having no complexes. To feel the best of mothers, the best of wives, bosses, employees. But in fact, well-being is not that! It is precisely to dare to accept that one is not the best mother, the best wife, that one does not have the most beautiful physique. It is a story of acceptance and it is as soon as we understand this that well-being begins. »

Like most women, Lolly does not have the body she dreams of, she has complexes, but she has managed to be in osmosis between her heart, her body and her head. For her, the notion of perfection does not exist: “No woman on earth can say that”

Teach self-confidence to women who devalue themselves.
For 9 years Lolly has been a coach. She started with burlesque workshops. But during these workshops, she quickly noticed that the attendants did not have self-confidence, did not know how to walk wearing heels, did not dare to undress, etc... The stripper then decided to base her workshops on self-confidence. Based on classes in postures, walking, elegance, as well as exercises that she defines as "electroshock", she teaches women to re-appropriate their bodies and thus be able to embark on burlesque afterwards... if they wish.

Come and discover the Lolly Wish show at Silversquare but also an inspiring personality for the women's cause.

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