Thursday 20 October 2022, 05:30
@ Silversquare Bailli
Digitag's Beforework

Digitag's Beforework

Did you say a morning rave party?

The future belongs to those who get up early, right?

The concept is simple: get together early in the office, have breakfast and let off steam!
The same ingredients as the after work (with a vitamin juice instead of a beer!)

The 6 Reasons to test the "before-work" - Morning Rave party:

  • Creating links with coworkers, inhances team cohesion
  • Getting up early increases productivity
  • It's a kind of morning 'sport' session
  • It's a way to recharge your batteries and prepare for the workday ahead
  • It boosts energy!
  • It's an original concept of networking

No doubt about it, we can't wait to test the concept and you?

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