Thursday 29 April 2021, 10:30
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Finding the right posture: Thierry Janssen shows us the right path.

To support the awakening of the conscience to identify our inappropriate behaviors and to find the right posture.  

We are living in a period where individual and collective crises follow one another. These crises are often rooted in the behaviors of our fearful personalities which generate a lot of tension, imbalance, chaos and suffering. Favoring the awakening of our consciousness within us to identify our inappropriate behaviors and to perceive the energetic movements at the origin of these behaviors, allows us to find the "right posture". This posture, both physical and psychological, allows us to adapt to the circumstances of our existence by acting with the maximum respect for the Life that is within us and around is still necessary to have concrete tools that are easy to use in our daily life to develop this correctness and to invent a world that is more harmonious, more joyful and more alive.  

A surgeon turned psychotherapist, Thierry Janssen is dedicated to a global approach to the human being, to the development of "integrative medicine" and to a more spiritual vision of society.  

Language : French


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