SQ Talk
Wednesday 07 December 2022, 17:00
@ Silversquare Bailli
SQ Talk. Entrepreneurs get naked with Pierre Rousseaux, founder & CEO of Yoga Room.

SQ Talk. Entrepreneurs get naked with Pierre Rousseaux, founder & CEO of Yoga Room.

Join us and discover how Pierre's best tool helps him daily to overcome the challenges of an entrepreneur.

At Yoga Room, they believe...
… in a better world thanks to people feeling better in their body and in their mind, thanks to people conscious they can impact the world, thanks to people inspired and inspiring… Yoga makes these people ALIVE.

"1000 practices, 1 intention." We are committed to guiding a diverse community of yogis in their search for wellness and self-discovery, helping them develop a healthy mind in a healthy body on and off the yoga mat in everyday life.

*Get a chance to win free access passes to Yoga Room. Live Quiz at the end of the session.
#1. Pass 6 months = value 462€.
#2. Pass 3 months = value 291€.
#3. 10 single access passes = value 147€

SQ Talks

A Silversquare exclusive concept. No bullshit. Only real stories shared by real people.
Doors open at 6:00 PM. SQ Talk starts at 6:30 PM.
Language : French.
Stay with us after the talk and meet the speaker : Food, drinks & networking.

Enjoy a day at Silversquare
If you wish, you are welcome to work from our coworking space Silversquare Bailli on that day. Visit our website silversquare.eu and book your seat.

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