SQ Talk
Thursday 24 November 2022, 17:00
@ Silversquare Bailli
SQ Talk. Entrepreneurs get naked with Sébastien Deletaille, co-founder of Rosa

SQ Talk. Entrepreneurs get naked with Sébastien Deletaille, co-founder of Rosa

Sébastien Deletaille

Sébastien Deletaille is a digital health entrepreneur. Since March 2020, he has co-founded Rosa, a non-profit organization whose vocation is to develop a patient application - allowing patients to manage their health from their smartphone. Before Rosa, Sébastien managed Medispring, a computerized medical record cooperative, the IT tool at the service of general practitioners; and co-founded Riaktr, one of the largest Belgian scale-ups active in big data for telecom operators. Sébastien is a graduate of the Solvay business school.

Date and place of birth: January 29, 2021, at BeCentral in Brussels.
First name: Rosa.
Parents: Sébastien Deletaille, Antoine Pairet and François-Xavier Orban.

Rosa is the new baby of successful Brussels entrepreneur Sébastien Deletaille. At 36, this “Solvay boy” is one of the outstanding figures of the Belgian tech ecosystem. He is notably at the origin of Real Impact Analytics, which has become Riaktr, a successful scale-up specializing in big data for telecoms.

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