SQ Talk
Wednesday 07 September 2022, 16:00
@ Silversquare Bailli
SQ Talk with Grégory Guilmin, Author & Speaker: Demystifying the stock market

SQ Talk with Grégory Guilmin, Author & Speaker: Demystifying the stock market

Conference and preview of the release of the book “Bien débuter en Bourse” (prefaced by Etienne de Callataÿ) with dedications by the author.

How to invest in a volatile environment? How to analyze an investment fund? What tools are useful for analyzing your portfolio? What questions should you ask your advisor? How to invest by yourself? Making your first investments requires getting involved in your financial education, devoting a few hours to it, and in managing your wealth to make it grow. This guide offers all the keys to start your first investments, or even challenge the composition of your portfolio.

Gregory Guilmin
Holder of a master's degree in management engineering (University of Namur (Belgium) and HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) obtained in 2012, he decided to continue his studies with a PHD to better understand how the stock market works and learn how to invest his money in a smart way. His PHD was financed by Ageas, a Belgian insurance company. After his PHD, he and a partner created an investment fund in 2015, whose strategy was based on the subject of his PHD. In addition to this entrepreneurial project, he joined a multi-family office, a company whose target is to supervise and coordinate the wealth of very wealthy families. Having started as a junior financial analyst in October 2015 , then head of the analysis department, he took charge of the company in 2018 until his resignation in May 2021. A decision made in order to fully dedicate himself to his dream: help a million people to start on the stock market and to be independent with their portfolio!

He wrote this first book to share his knowledge and transmit its skills in order to allow readers to be 100% autonomous.

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