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Tuesday 01 June 2021, 10:30
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Staging the artists : Silversquare’s vision

Staging the artists : Silversquare’s vision

All artists and creatives who have created a Silversquare are brought together live from the exhibition space provided for Collectible Week.

A square table to discuss the experience, sometimes unprecedented, of each of the artists in the exercise of creating a workspace of several thousand square meters. What made them so excited about their respective projects?
A flashback on each unique place artfully created in a unique way!

  • Annouck Van oordt from 'We are OOO'
    Designer of SQ Louise (3289 m²) in 2014 & SQ Luxembourg in 2018
  • Naif
    Designer of SQ Stéphanie (3805 m²)
  • Lionel Jadot
    Designer of SQ Delta (4285 m²) in 2018
  • Jane Haesen
    Designer of SQ Zaventem (2726 m²) in 2019
  • Krjst Studio
    Designer of SQ Bailli (7200 m²) in 2020
  • Sebastien Caporusso
    Designer of SQ Europe (2570 m²) in 2021
    Designer of SQ Central (6100 m²) in 2021
  • Jean-Paul Lespagnard
    Designer of SQ Guillemins (3300 m²) opening in 2022
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