Silversquare et Covid-19

Silversquare et Covid-19

COVID-19 is touching all of our lives. Our top priority is the wellbeing and health of our people, clients and partners.

In line with the government announcement, homeworking remains strongly encouraged where possible. Nevertheless, May 4th would likely be the date of the recovery for our industry.

To facilitate the return to « new normal » life, Silversquare wishes to clarify the measures taken in recent weeks and which of course remain in application to offer you an efficient and secure work environment.

It is important to remember that these measures are the result of ongoing reflection. All actions can be supplemented, adjusted, updated at any time. Let’s be flexible and agile 😉

We strongly encourage you to work remotely if you can.

What about you ?

  • Continue to use « barrier » gestures
  • Covering your mouth and nose is recommended

What about Silversquare ?

The Reception Zone

  • Access through the stairwells of the buildings will be open (as far as possible) to avoid the elevator intake (which can only be done one by one) to avoid the queues and maintain the recommended social distance
  • A ground marking to remind the distance of 1.5m to be maintained with the local reception teams (and in general)
  • One/ Two Plexi glas installed on reception desks
  • The local team wears masks, so don’t hesitate to do the same 😉
  • We have masks for visitors who would not have one
  • We removed magazines, flyers, brochures etc. to avoid contact points
  • To give you or receive a document, we are very creative on how to avoid hand-to-hand contact! You’ll see!
  • We have spaced the chairs in the waiting areas or installed stickers on the chairs that must be left free to maintain the social distance

Shared spaces

  • Installation of stickers that remind you of the social distance to be respected on shared tables
  • « one use » desk pads are available to users of the benches and cockpits
  • The use of “alcoves” is limited to 1 person
  • Cleaning sprays /gels /wipes are available to wash the space you occupy before /after your visit.

Pretty much everywhere

  • Installation of hydro-alcoholic gel (touch less )at each key point
  • We open windows and make sure to ventilate as much as possible all common areas (where possible)
  • We make sure to keep the doors as open as possible to avoid contact points
  • Displays reminding barrier gestures at each key point
  • Recall the distance of 1.5m to be maintained on shared desks and wherever necessary
  • Sanitary signs displayed in all areas of shared spaces – water fountains, coffee machine, toilets, ..


  • Our cleaning crews are on site on a permanent basis.
  • Elevator buttons, switches and all contact points are regularly disinfected.

The mail / Parcels & the mailroom

  • We have set up /created a parcel reception area to ensure contactless deliveries
  • Our teams carefully respect the barrier gestures and wear masks.
  • Don’t hesitate to do the same!
  • Only one person at a time is allowed in the mail room

The coffee corners

  • A ground marking is installed to remind the social distance to be maintained and the logic of entry /exit into the coffee corner.


  • Hand dryers are temporarily « out of service. » Choose handkerchief to throw in garbage cans.
  • Sanitary instructions displayed

Meeting rooms

  • Reduced capacity: Number of participants reduced and clearly displayed according to the size of the meeting room
  • A distance seat between each participant
  • One way only entering / leaving the room
  • Cleaning products at disposal to clean before /after use
  • We will no longer offer a jug of water to share, but as far as possible drinks to the unit.

Private offices

  • In order to be able to respect the 1.5m distance between each member of your team, we remind you that the shared spaces are at your disposal. (dedicated desks in common areas could be made available to you, discuss this with your local teams)
  • We would be able to offer you spaces currently « free » in Zaventem, Bailli (opeing soon), Louise & Stephanie, discuss it with your local teams.
  • We recommend that you keep your office doors open as much as possible to avoid contact points.
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