Interparking - Request your FREE Pcard+ and enjoy the many benefits

Park close to your destination, without wasting time and at a great price! Silversquare and Interparking offer you the Pcard+ for free and with exclusive advantages. Thanks to Silversquare and Interparking, you now enjoy a 10% discount on every transaction.

Why choose the Pcard+ ?

With the Pcard+, you can park your car in no less than 65 car parks in Belgium without a ticket. So you no longer have to wait for your turn at the cash registers! Thanks to your Pcard+, you are guaranteed the best prices. You automatically benefit from all promotions, such as evening packages in participating car parks. And more, you benefit from an exclusive discount on your parking in all car parks.

What is the Silversquare advantage?

Thanks to your free Pcard+, you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • From 10% to 30% discount guaranteed on your parking transactions
  • Evening rate from 7 p.m. (minimum 2.25€ to maximum 6€ (*))
  • UGC rate 3€
  • 30 min free parking at Brussels Airport (Front Park 1 – 2 – 3)
  • 20% discount in the carwash network of Interparking
  • License plate recognition at the entrance and exit for even more comfort
  • And many other advantages

Request your Pcard+

The following link will automatically redirect you to our partner Interparking to request your card. Register and automatically enjoy your discount


Activate your Pcard+

Do you already have a Pcard+ and would you like to activate this discount? Send an email to: business@interparking.com with your contract details.

Any questions? Need help?

Feel free to contact the Interparking customer service by phone on +32 2 549 58 11 or by email at info@interparking.com.

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