A New Silversquare ID

A New Silversquare ID

On 1 March, Silversquare launches its new branding. This marks a significant turning point considering that this visual signature will probably stick with us for the next ten years. It is the culmination of almost a year's work with the famous communications agency Base, and is also an ideal moment for self-reflection for all our teams.

We met up with Marketing Leader Laurence Doucet, in charge of Silversquare’s communications, along with our two founders.

Why a new visual identity?

Laurence: Our previous branding no longer really reflected our very essence. It failed to represent the diversity of our co-working spaces, each of which is completely unique. In Belgium, even Europe, we are the pioneers of our trade and have grown considerably since our inception 13 years ago. We are essentially game changers, continuously seeking to reinvent ourselves and innovate. This is because we have not reached our goal, at least, not yet. Inevitably, our decade-old branding has now become obsolete.

Axel: Today, we are home to 2,500 companies. Silversquare is a pure player on the co-working scene. We have developed an extremely lively and bustling ecosystem, made up of both start-ups and accomplished entrepreneurs. We felt that this entrepreneurial dimension, along with human dynamics, such as the interaction fostered between our members, were not adequately represented. We have developed an image that draws together not only all our co-working spaces, but also all the people within.

What was the starting point for this new identity?

Alex: When we opened Silversquare Delta, we decided, for the first time, to completely hand over the reins to a single artist. This opportunity fell to Lionel Jadot and note that we gave him a completely blank canvas! Where there is art, everything begins, and anything is possible. Paradoxically, spaces emerging from such blank canvases, transformed by artists given such levels of control, have become our trademark. SQ Bailli was created in collaboration with tapestry artist duo KRJST Studio, SQ Zaventem with famous DJ Jane Haesen, SQ Liège with fashion designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard and SQ Kanal with Belgian singer and rapper Lous & the Yakuza. SQ Central will also employ its own designers. Instead of restricting ourselves by maintaining consistency between our co-working spaces, we are cultivating a wealth of diversity. This mirrors our profession, as we bring together entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to share the same square meters.

What is the story behind this new identity?

Axel: We focused on the word ‘square’, that is, the first square meter acting as the departure point from which all companies begin. Our job is, first and foremost, to establish, encourage and nurture communities. We enable companies to design a framework that will support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. They are helped from square one, from the first square meter, with start-ups and already-established companies working side by side. We see ourselves as enablers, facilitating companies’ emergence. We provide them not only with a place to work, but also a breeding ground allowing them to flourish.

Alex: We believe that companies are more likely to succeed when housed in a co-working space like Silversquare. This is thanks to the energy we strive to instil in them. We host large events, conferences and talks, encouraging meetings and interactions between the wide range of expertise we have among us. This idea of entrepreneurship and sense of positive emulation is fully reflected in the concept of the ‘m² from which everything begins, and everything is possible’.

What does it look like?

A reflection of what we are: a collection of incredibly unique, photogenic spaces. Both the visuals and the colour palettes reflect our diversity. They highlight not only our attention to detail, but also our teams’ energy, flowing through the heart of our communities. We worked with the talented young photographer Marthe Hoet. She has managed to capture the sensitivity and atmosphere of our spaces, along with the people who shine there.

What will this bring for the future?

Laurence: We have developed a reference work, a toolbox that we will rely on to further develop our communications.
Beyond a charter, creating this image has allowed us to further advance our concept. At Silversquare, we take both a horizontal and a collaborative approach, and we have developed our new identity together as a team. This has also enabled us to better define who we want to be, our priorities, and our path going forward. Beyond how people will perceive us under this new identity, it is, fundamentally, a common vision, one that emanates from everyone we work with, and one that will pave the way for the future.


SQ Delta with Lionel Jadot

SQ Zaventem with Jane Haesen (Lady Jane, Brussels DJ)
SQ Bailli with KRJST Studio, tapestry artist duo

Opening of SQ Central (Brussels Central Station) in collaboration with MANIERA, design studio
Opening of SQ Kanal (in the Quatuor building) in collaboration with Belgian singer and rapper Lous & the Yakuza

Opening of SQ Guillemins in Liege with Jean-Paul Lespagnard

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