Breastfeeding and working, supported by Silversquare!

Breastfeeding and working, supported by Silversquare!


Because all mothers should have the opportunity to continue breastfeeding even after returning to work, Silversquare has set up rooms designed for them. This project is mainly driven by two Silversquare team members: Margaux, a mother-to-be, and Laurence, who has just returned from maternity leave.

If Silversquare was created "by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs", this project is "by entrepreneurial mums for entrepreneurial mums".

— Laurence Doucet, Marketing Leader at Silversquare

Silversquare coworking spaces are more than just offices. They are also pioneers of change, inspiring products of their time and a response to society's needs. Inclusion is one of these societal needs, and it is highly regarded. All employees are equal and should feel at home in a Silversquare coworking space. Therefore, each coworking space, ten in total, will have a breastfeeding-friendly room. This will allow entrepreneurial mothers who have just had a baby and are returning to work to express their milk in peace. The first dedicated room for (nursing) mothers recently opened at Silversquare Central and another has already been installed at SQ Delta. By the end of the year, all Silversquare locations will have a nice, comfortable, inspiring and well thought-out space for mothers who have just given birth.

"Our offices are entrepreneur-oriented and their well-being is our primary concern. That's why we also think about women entrepreneurs who are returning to work after having a baby. Although the entrepreneurial landscape among our members is two-thirds male, for us, entrepreneurial mothers are all the more deserving of a place of their own in the workplace to pump their milk in peace," says Laurence Doucet, Silversquare marketing leader.

"The funny thing is that our Silversquare team is predominantly female. With two-thirds women, the proportion is the opposite of our community (members). Offering the opportunity to breastfeed while having returned to work comes very naturally to us. That is why we want to implement it in all Silversquare locations. This initiative was created by entrepreneurial mothers for entrepreneurial mothers.

"Silversquare fully encourages and supports all mothers who are back in the office and want to continue breastfeeding. The initiative is already well received by many young mothers in the SQ community and some have even shared it on social networks. This type of project gives a lot of meaning to what we do," concludes Laurence Doucet.


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