Growing by reducing our client portfolio.

Growing by reducing our client portfolio.

Digitag is a growth marketing agency. Maxime Charbit tells us about the strategic decisions he and his associates have taken to grow Digitag.

Hello Maxime, tell us your story...
When we were at university, my first partner and I created an app that did quite well. After a while, we wanted to diversify... We did web consulting, content, website development. We grew very fast... And then we stagnated.

We were doing too many things, we were no longer experts in anything, we couldn't grow. Recently, with my partners Simon and Quentin, we decided to refocus our activities on a single business: growth marketing.

Has reducing your activities allowed you to grow?
With hindsight, I have really understood the importance of positioning. It's essential to be an expert in your field, even if it means that you have to turn down certain projects. Today, we do a lot more with a lot less... We have achieved 30% growth, even though we offer fewer services and have stopped working 12 hours a day.

My partners and I are more concerned than ever about the life balance of our employees. It is one of our priorities that they feel good at work. I have a lot of respect for them... they are the magicians of our business!

You were in another coworking before, what does it bring you to Silversquare?
In the first coworking space we moved to, it was really an office within an office. We moved to Silversquare Bailli. The offices are incredible, worthy of a New York startup (I particularly love the terrace of Silversquare Bailli!).

We support Silversquare in its marketing and sales development. Today, we also have suppliers and customers within the Silversquare community.

I use the Silversquare app to identify members who might be interested in our services or partnerships. We have a really rich community!

Maxime Charbit co-founded the growth marketing agency Digitag. Digitag supports its clients in their online growth by focusing on lead generation and helping them turn their prospects into customers. They advise them on how to use their tools (CRM, digital advertising, marketing automation, analytics). On the CRM side, Digitag is an official Hubspot partner (Platinum Partner) and one of the top 10 official Hubspot partners in Belgium!


Maxime Charbit - - Linkedin
Simon Van Lierde - - Linkedin
Quentin De Braekeleer - - Linkedin

Article written by Muriel Van Severen

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